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La Valchiera - Agriturismo


On the edge of "Afra" river, rough and legendary.. on the old stones of "Via pubblica romana"(Roman public street) di "Montagna", from "Santo di Assisi" often tramped... on the lyrical sanctuary of the nature.”Alpe della Luna" ,.. an old, forgotten "Valchiera", for love, came into the light with victorious rescue.

High, mass tower in the year fourteen hundred was wanted, after she enlarged "Gualchiera", so "Valchiera"and mulino" of many  more "palmenti", in old centuries of forgotten  memories was converted in a poor residence for poor people, then she was invaded by wild nature . So for many years... when finally someone saw her, loves her, and he wanted her to rebirth for his enjoyment and for the ones… from the heart able to understand .